What are the key benefits of the TIF for Winfield?
  •     Spur new economic development and create jobs that would otherwise not happen.
  •     Attract new businesses and retain existing businesses.
  •     Supply funding for new public amenities and beautification projects.
  •     Provide residents with access to more local restaurants and retail establishments, as well as a more appealing and inviting Town Center.
  •     Draw more visitors to Winfield – along with their outside spending.
  •     Permanently generate additional property tax dollars for the Village and other taxing bodies, including schools, parks, library, Fire Protection District and others.
  •     Accomplish these goals without raising residents’ property taxes.

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1. What is a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District?
2. What will the new TIF be used for?
3. What are the key benefits of the TIF for Winfield?
4. Will my property taxes go up because of the TIF?
5. Who supports the TIF?
6. Why do some people oppose the TIF?
7. How can I be sure this financing tool will work out for Winfield?
8. How will the TIF benefit the two local school districts?
9. What is the role of Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) in the TIF?
10. What is happening to the first Winfield TIF?
11. What are the next steps for the approval of TIF #2?