Winfield Word Newsletters

Letter from the President - TIF Updates
Next Steps for Winfield Reserve

New Apartment Complex for Town Center
"Winfield Reserve" Residential Development Affirms Critical Role of TIF 2
Winfield Station/Winfield Reserve Annual Property Tax Projections

Population Trends in Winfield Affirm Declines in School District 34
Percentage of School Age Children Chart
SD34 Lawsuit Against Town Center Development TIF Continues

Tracking School District 34's Protracted Lawsuit
Costs of Delay are Mounting

Dubious Questions, and Some Answers
A Quagmire of a Question
SD 34's Lawsuit is delayed by...SD 34

Letter from the President
School District 94 Referendum
Update on School District 34 Lawsuit
Your Vote Matters

Letter from the President - Town Center Development
Village's Role in Economic Development
TIF #2 and SD34 Lawsuit Explained
Designing Winfield
Lawsuit Costs Increase As the Case Drags On
Sales Tax Referendum Questions on April Ballot

Letter from the President - Town Center Visioning
Cost of SD 34's Lawsuit Continues to Grow, Draining Taxpayers
Town Center Plan Update

Letter from the President - Town Center Update 
Winfield Town Center Planning Enters New Phase
What You Pay in Winfield
Make your Voice Heard!

August 2022 - Voter Endorsements & What You Pay In Winfield (postcard)

July 2022 - Winfield Voters Strongly Endorse Town Center Financing Plan                                                                                      Referendum Results
Village of  Winfield Wins First Round in TIF Lawsuit Filed by Winfield School District 34
Winfield Resident Letters Overwhelmingly Support Village's Proposed TIF 2, Demanding SD 34 End Remaining Lawsuit Now
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June 2022  - Winfield eWord
May 2022  - State of the Village
New Economic Development
Winfield Town Center
Economic Development Role for Village
Decades of Village Development Efforts at a Climax with TIF #2
Important Local Advisory Questions on the June 28th Primary Ballot
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April 2022  - Winfield's Public Safety Depends on TIF 2! (postcard)
Public Safety
How Will the New Police Station and Municipal Complex in Town Center Be Financed?
What is Holding Up TIF 2?
Why is SD 34 Taking Legal Action?
Make your voice heard!

March 2022 - Town Center Redevelopment Plan Supports Public Safety and Our Officers 
TIF 2 - More Than Just Economic Development, It's About Public Safety
The Partnership Between the Village and NW Medicine Central DuPage Hospital
Village Offered Concessions to Compromise - SD 34 Offered None
It's a Small TIF After All
Tick-Tock: SD34 Lawsuit Delays Town Center
Let's Get Back to the Bargaining Table

January 2022  - Town Center Update - School District 34's Costly, "Bad Bet" Lawsuit
Redevelopment funds come 100% from CDH - No taxpayer dollars
Negotiation by Lawsuit
SD 34's Bad Bet
District 34's Short Term Thinking
Resolving Our Differences

September 2021 - Winfield Revival After Years of Work
How TIFs Generate New Development
A Record of Success
CDH Agreement and Town Center TIF #2

July 2020   - Winfield Proposed Town Center TIF #2
How Does the TIF work?
Letter from the President
How the TIFs Will Help Our Taxing Bodies
Masterplan Proposal for Phase 1 and Phase 2
Opportunity to Replace Village Hall/Police Department, dating to the 1970s
Questions & Answers about Winfield's Proposed Redevelopment