Public Works Committee


  • 7:00 PM
  • Fourth Wednesday of the month
  • Village Hall
    27 West 465 Jewell Road
    Winfield, IL 60190


Agendas are available prior to the meetings.

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The public works committee shall consist of two (2) village board members and five (5) citizens at large, all subject to appointment by the village president and confirmation by a vote of the village trustees. The village manager, village engineer, and public works superintendent or their designees shall staff the committee and have nonvoting status. Members at large shall serve for two (2) year terms and may serve consecutive terms. Any member of the committee may be removed by the village president for any reason. All citizen at large committee members shall be residents of the village, except that one member may be a resident in unincorporated territory contained within the village's comprehensive planning area. (Ordinance 2014-01-02, 1-16-2014)

The purpose of the committee is to facilitate recommendations to the village president and board of trustees with regard to public works matters. The areas of responsibility include research, review and making recommendations to the village board regarding:

  1. Capital improvement plans and actual projects;
  2. Utility rate studies in concert with the administration finance committee;
  3. Public works related studies;
  4. Public works related grants;
  5. Monthly statistical report of the public works department; and
  6. Bids for the purchase of public works equipment.

Meetings are subject to cancellation by the Chairperson in the event of a lack of agenda or quorum.