Water Deposit

A deposit in the following amount shall be paid with each application for water and/or sewer service, this sum to be retained by the Village to ensure prompt payment of all bills. When service to the applicant is discontinued permanently, the deposit, less any amount due the village for water and/or service, shall be refunded without interest. The deposit shall be computed as follows:

Owner Occupied: Sixty-five dollar ($65.00) deposit with application. This deposit will be waived if the account holder registers for direct debit payment and the account remains in good standing. If, at any time, the direct debit option is discontinued by the account holder, the account holder will be required to pay the sixty-five dollar ($65.00) deposit.

Residential Tenant Occupied: Two hundred dollar ($200.00) deposit with application and a copy of the lease. No waiver of deposit permitted.

Business: An amount equal to three (3) months of estimated charges based upon historical usage at that location or an estimate based on comparable properties and/or water meter size.